The AmeriCares Free Clinic mobile van visits two West Side locations each week

Reducing health disparities and improving the health of vulnerable populations are key goals and we are making excellent progress. Our Vita Collaborative, a partnership with Stamford Hospital and more than a dozen community agencies, is working to coordinate and improve access to healthcare. We aim to improve health, reduce the chronic disease burden and lower excessive spending resulting from the inefficient delivery of medical services.

Through Stamford Hospital’s Population Health Initiative, we’re developing an action plan in response to priorities identified in the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment. Together we are building and strengthening provider relationships and working across clinical and political domains to address the long-term requirements of chronic disease prevention. We’re collaborating on a variety of hands-on, health improvement programs involving nutrition and fitness to engage community members in taking personal responsibility for their health and well-being.

We hold regular forums and monthly meetings to keep the neighborhood up-to-date on available supports. Our West Side NRZ meetings provide a platform for community agencies to present and promote their health care services to community residents. We disseminate information on accessing health insurance and free- and low-cost medical care. We’ve hosted presentations from a variety of service agencies, including Optimus, AmeriCares Free Clinics, Neighbors Link and the Stamford Health Department.

Residents of the West Side also now have a walk-in medical clinic where they can get onsite care for common medical problems. The Fairgate Community Health Center provides physical exams, vaccinations, diagnostic tests and other services for patients of all ages, pediatric through the senior years.

Watch for more news as we continue providing a range of comprehensive prevention, screening and early detection programs targeting chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.