Our Garbage Can – And So Can Yours!

Good soil is teaming with life, and the more you work with this life, the more they work with you. Less than one 8-ounce cup of healthy soil has more microbes than there are humans on earth. At Fairgate Farm we are committed stewards of our precious soil. We understand that the vibrant life below our feet is critical to our biodiverse urban farm, and it has inspired our “Community Composting Initiative” and “No Till” philosophy.

Composting food waste is a crucial step in reducing the emissions of this potent climate- changing gas. Composting is also a natural process for carbon sequestration, in which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and trapped in the soil. We’ve diverted 15,000 pounds of waste from Stamford’s waste stream in 2016, are aiming for over 20,000 pounds in 2017, and have set our sights on 15 percent increased reductions each subsequent year.

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