Stamford’s Organic Community Farm Announces New Manager

Fairgate Farm, located at 129 Stillwater Avenue and part of the Vita Health & Wellness District, is managed by the newly-appointed farm manager, Peter Novajosky, who brings a wealth of experience in horticulture and gardening along with a devotion to promoting healthy lifestyles.

Besides managing the farm, Peter is eager to expand the community of volunteers. “We have 3-4 year old kids with their parents, to college age kids that want to do green things, to 70-year olds, corporate people, and everything in between.” He is hoping to attract more teen and college age volunteers who can learn where foods come from and how organic foods benefit them. Whether it’s just one time or on a regular basis, the Farm welcomes volunteers of all ages on days, evenings, and Saturdays. Volunteers receive a Reward Card good towards earning a seat at the farm-to-table dinners and prizes. Peter explains “It doesn’t cost you a thing to get involved, except your time. There’s no catch, just so many things you can do, learn, and enjoy!” He is hoping to raise awareness about the long-term harm that chemicals and pesticides are doing as well as helping people realize how good they can feel by eating clean, organic food.

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