The Vita Health & Wellness District in Stamford, CT: A transformative, health-focused neighborhood.

Many factors shape health.

Cross-sector partnerships, a volunteer-powered urban farm and green, mixed-income housing are just some of the innovative “interventions” bringing new health and vitality to Stamford’s West Side neighborhood. Learn about who we are, what we are doing and why:

About Vita

A partnership of Charter Oak Communities, Stamford Hospital and the City of Stamford, we are redefining health, housing and community in our West Side neighborhood.

Just a few years ago, the neighborhood we now call the Vita (pronounced vee-da, Latin for “life”) Health & Wellness District was dispirited and home to some of our city’s least healthy residents. Now on its way to realizing our vision of a vibrant residential and commercial district at the doorstep of the soon-to-open new Stamford Hospital, Vita has beautiful mixed income housing communities, healthcare, thriving businesses and a communal urban farm. Cross-sector partnerships propel supportive services and programs to help individuals, families and small businesses reach their fullest potential.



Our mixed-income communities have yards and playgrounds. They are smoke-free and designed to promote health, fitness and community.


Our partners include a top-ranked regional medical center, multiple healthcare providers and a specialty pharmacy.


With nutrition counseling for adults and children, cooking classes and an urban farm, we are focused on improving access to healthy food.


We foster social interaction with volunteer opportunities, a neighborhood association and communal space, indoor and outdoor.


We are here to help people of all ages reach their potential, with programs from pre-school through ESL and job training.


Economic well-being is integral to health; our partners offer job training and access to services to help residents succeed.

Fairgate Farm

The heart of our community, the organic, volunteer-powered Fairgate Farm plants, cultivates, harvests and shares more than 7,500 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables each year. Fairgate Farm also sponsors tours, learning labs, family workshops, cooking demonstration and special events.

Community Collaborative

The Stamford Community Collaborative, a partnership of community organizations, is focused on helping the Stamford community, including the people who live and work in Stamford’s West Side, to be as healthy as possible.



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